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Hardly another branch of industry is as strongly exposed to the critical eye of the public, as the automobile industry.

The customers demand high quality; their requirements in terms of innovative technology, security and ecological common sense constantly grow.


These complex issues require a high measure of innovative ability, quality consciousness and responsibility with the development of a motor vehicle.

Therefore many specialists are necessary. Draftex Automotive GmbH is an enterprise, which has specialized on developing relatively inconspicuous however important construction units for modern cars with the automobile industry.


Draftex Automotive has over five decades of know-how in the development of high-quality body sealing elements from rubber and thermoplastic plastics.

These versatile materials open new perspectives for economical, environmentally friendly and trend-setting solutions for designers and developers.


Draftex Automotive builds on common strengths: engaged employees, tradition and experience, the ability to go new ways, as well as know-how and innovation potential for a successful partnership with our customers.


Company Policy

The corporate policy of Draftex Automotive Grefrath (Sanok Rubber Group) is to deliver products that meet customer requirements and expectations, taking into account the price under conditions of increasing competition.





Trailblazing Innovations:

  • Introduction of the metal reinforced flange mounted seal
  • First development of flush glazing sealing systems
  • Integration of the triangle window into the flush glazing system
  • Introduction of the roll forming technology, today a worldwide used method for flange assembled seals
  • Development of complex sealing systems for coupes and convertibles with frameless doors

sanok_ikona_historia_firmy Our history

  • 2016

    Stomil Sanok Group becomes Sanok Rubber Group Draftex company name and logo get adjusted to Draftex Automotive GmbH Sanok Rubber Group

  • 2014

    Stomil Sanok SA (today Sanok Rubber Company S.A.) takes over Draftex

  • 2009

    RUIA Group takes over Draftex

  • 2007

    Wynnchurch takes over Draftex

  • 2004

    Cerberus takes over Draftex

  • 2001

    Gen Corp takes over Draftex

  • 1992

    Production of complex coupe and convertible sealing systems for entire roof modules and frameless doors

  • 1988

    Integration of triangle windows and glass guiding rail into the glass run system

  • 1987

    Assembly of metal reinforced weather strips by the Roll Forming method a Draftex Patent used worldwide.

  • 1980

    Launching of first flush glazing systems with and without metal carrier

  • 1964

    Flocked glass run systems with coextruded metal carrier

  • 1962

    Introduction of stretched metal inserts

  • 1960

    Coextrusion of rubber profile and metal carrier

  • 1958

    Introduction of metal reinforced weather strips

  • 1958

    Erich Weimar starts Draftex



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BMW 4er Coupé [F32] Sealing Package
BMW 2er Cabrio [F23] Sealing Package
BMW 4er Cabrio [F33] Sealing Package
BMW ix [i20] Sealing Package
Ineos Automotive Grenadier Sealing Package
Lightyear Lightyear 0 Sealing Package
Rolls Royce RR5 Coupé [RR5] Sealing Package
Daimler CL [AC217] Sealing Package
Daimler S-Class [BR 222] Luggage seal
Daimler S-Class Guard Sealing Package
Daimler CLK [BR 207] Coupé / Cabrio Sealing Package
Daimler G-Modell [463] Sealing Package
DAF Truck Sealing Package


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